Dr Bulend Yuksel and Feza I am a consultant Paediatrician with 31 years of experience in the management of children’s health.

I was initially trained in Istanbul, graduated from the Medical Faculty of Istanbul with distinction(1980) and obtained the specialist Paediatrician certificate at the Istanbul University (1984). I was awarded an Associate Professor ( Docent) status in Paediatrics by the University of Istanbul (1993).

My British training in London was mostly carried out at the King’s College Hospital (1989-1995). I worked in the tertiary Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Liver Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory and General Paediatric Department, I conducted and participated to a variety of distinctive research projects.
I am currently a consultant Paediatrician at the Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital NHS Trust since 1995. I was the secretary of the local Research Ethics Committee at North London for 4 years then the chair for 3 years (2002-2009). I was the secretary and later the chair of The Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Scientific Group of the European Respiratory Society between 2001-2008. I am the Undergraduate Tutor in my trust for nearly 10 years and provide teaching, training and examination of medical students from UCL.

I have 67 peer reviewed, published and cited scientific papers and a number of abstracts. I was invited to lecture on wheezing, asthma, asthma devices, paediatric respiratory diseases, paediatric allergies both locally, at national and international levels. I refereed for scientific respiratory journals.

My special interests are, Paediatric Asthma, wheezing particularly preschool wheezing, cough, respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, Neonatology and general allergies including milk allergy. I also have interest in Hay fever, eczema, food intolarence, gut allergies and gastroesophageal reflux. I conduct Asthma, paediatric respiratory, tuberculosis and general paediatric clinics in my NHS hospital. I am married to Feza, my classmate, for 29 years with one daughter. I speak fluent English and Turkish and basic German.

My main outside interests are sailing (mostly in the Med), skiing, snowboarding, competitive swimming and tennis. I retired from playing football 15 years ago. I write for a Turkish Sailing magazine.Dr Bulend Yuksel - sailing-1