American Thoracic Society, 2019 International Conference

23 Jun 2019

The annual International American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference which is the biggest respiratory conference in the world, was organised in Dallas, 18-22 May 2019
Epidemiology and toxicology of e-cigarette and effect on young children were discussed in several sessions.
Addicting a new generation; vaping, flavouring, juuling and the evidence for why we should be very concerned was a powerful and educational symposium.
The sunrise seminar (20.05.19) by Dr Farzad Moazed explained why e-cigarettes should not be recommended for smoking cession.
E-cigarette contains nicotine, flavouring and liquid. Cancer causing chemicals, heavy metals, diacetyl flavourings lead to lung problems and cough.
Currently 5% of secondary school and 20% of high school children are using e-cigarettes in USA and the numbers are shockingly increasing. More than 50% of these children never had a classic (combustible) cigarette. E-cigarettes are a gateway to  combustible cigarettes, addicting a new generation.
Paediatricians and adult Pulmonologists are very worried and they also gave anectodal but emotional information regarding their own family or children.
E-cigarette vapour alters immune response (negative effect), promotes Human Rhinovirus, induce oxidative stress (at least similar to cigarettes) and airway inflammation and lead to cough.
Second hand e-cigarette exposure lead to problems and is important particularly to young children.